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I had a fall 4 years ago and seriously hurt my rota cuff joint. Emily treated the injury with such tender care, that I managed to regain full use in a matter of months. My job is very physical and my lower back often gives me problems. After a long day at work I decided to visit Emily and let her work her magic every month. I call it my M.O.T. Emily is truely magnificent and very talented in her field of work and I would recommend her everytime.
— 😊😊 M.Heath, March 2016
I first visited Emily as I was experiencing problems with my neck and shoulders due to a build up of tension following an emotionally difficult time in my life. Emily was very welcoming and made me feel at ease. Emily’s caring and sensitive approach and her relaxing massages have helped me enormously. Since my first visit Emily has ‘sorted me out’ when I strained a muscle in my side and then ‘twisted’ my knee. I always look forward to my visit as I know I will leave feeling much more relaxed and stress free. I would definitely recommend Emily.
— LM, February 2016
Thank you for your professional & relaxed initial meeting and for taking the time to listen to my “Bad Back” saga, rather than just diving in with treatment.

I have suffered lower Back Pain for many years & tried several well known types of therapy, but with little long term success. On the recommendations from a golfing buddy I came to you - “What a revelation” I immediately knew as soon as you started my treatment that I had at last found someone with the knowledge, training and understanding to solve my problem.

After approx 3 sessions I felt 80% better and with ongoing treatment and guidance you have given me I look forward to a much more active and pain free life.

You also analyzed what could be causing my problems and the additional treatment is certainly now paying dividends.

Thank you again for all your help to date.
— Keith Davies, 22 September 2013
I have always had a problem relaxing and currently suffer from secondary cancer and difficulties with one of my legs which gives me pain and lack of mobility. I was recommended to Emily by a qualified physio and the results of her regular weekly treatment by way of holistic massage and Reiki has been amazing and transformed my well being. The added bonus is that Emily has a very special relaxing character – apart from the treatment. She is a total joy and totally dedicated to her profession. My only regret is that I didn’t find her earlier.
— Peter Dodgson, A very grateful patient.
Emily has worked with a number of my patients, some of whom have significant disabilities. In all her sympathetic approach and therapeutic touch has allowed them to release tight muscles and relax into more comfortable positions.
— Gillian Jubb, Chartered Physiotherapist.
Having suffered much trauma due to a brain tumour, which resulted in a stroke, I have tried various treatments. The most beneficial without a doubt is massage and relaxation which Emily delivers in a most calm and relaxing manner.
— Edna Roderick.
After years of progressive illness, I find Emily’s treatments to be both mentally and physically relaxing and restorative. I recommend her to you wholeheartedly.
— JGA Birlingham.
I am a 54 year old carpenter living in Worcestershire; I have been having massage treatment with Emily Papirnik for the last 6 months. Massage is not new to me as I have been having treatment for some 15 years. Emily is conscientious, a good listener and has a very professional attitude toward her work. I’m always put at ease in a comfortable room that lends its self to this style of massage . Due to the nature of my job I quite often have mild muscle strain in my legs, arms, back and particularly my shoulders. Massage for me is an essential part of my body balance and Emily is very accomplished at finding the right method without being too hard quite often during massage I fall asleep momentarily which has a very soothing effect overall. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to friends and family.
I am a 58 year old woman who has had M.S. for 38 years. Emily Papirnik has been giving me massages about every month for about 2 years. At first the massage helped me to relax and reduced the muscle tightness and spasms mostly in my neck and legs. This relaxation lasted for the evening of the day of the massage and helped me to sleep that night. Regular massages have built on this positive outcome. I am now able to relax much more quickly. I have fewer knots in my muscles and the spasms are less frequent. I attribute this result to Emily and her ability to read my body’s needs and to treat me appropriately. I am lucky to have Emily to massage me and would recommend her to everyone as long as (selfishly) it did not interfere with the time she gives me!
— Alice Hubbard
I came to see Emily at a time that was emotionally very stressful for me, hoping that she could ease the tension that has built up in my shoulders and neck. Previous massage treatment hadn’t provided lasting results so I was sceptical. However, I was amazed at how effective Emily’s treatment was, easing the tension in my whole body and helping me to let go of my stress rather than cling on to it. I started seeing Emily monthly as I found it really helped and enabled me to cope with a very difficult episode in my life. Her approach is very caring and you feel supported and safe whilst her knowledge, insight and technique make her massages a truly holistic experience.
— Mel Stephens
Emily has been coming to our home for a long time now and the satisfaction she gives to our residents is truly evident. Relaxation is so important to the people we support as they are in wheel chairs and their mobility is restricted. Her calming nature and her interaction with them is fantastic and it is obvious she has built bonds with the individuals she treats. Emily also works really well with our staff teams and communicates her feedback. She gives us helpful advice of how we can help such as stretching and gentle massage. We feel Emily is part of the team and Massage compliments other routines like Physio and Hydrotherapy all working together to maintain mobility, health and wellbeing. It also gives the people we support an experience that has social, emotional and physical aspects which maintains balance for quality of life. The science of massage is amazing, the benefits are endless and Emily is an asset to us all.
— Linzi White, Senior Support Worker, HFT
It was an article on the importance of sleep, that Emily had written for The Pershore Times, that led me to her massage room in January 2018.
I had retired to Pershore with my husband, and was struggling to settle, and consequently not sleeping. I WAS missing a job that I had loved, my friends, and the life that I had left behind in London. My husband was able to continue with his work, and he was loving his new stress free life in the countryside, I felt so guilty that I didn’t feel the same. Meeting Emily was a real turning point, I was able to tell her how I felt, and she reassured me that it was all perfectly normal, and I needed time to adjust. She said moving house, and retiring are two big life changes, and doing them at the same time takes it’s toll.
By Spring, I was a different person, being able to talk to Emily, and have the most Wonderful massage, helped me to see how very lucky I am to live in beautiful Worcestershire, I embrace all that it has to offer, and have a lovely circle of friends, and enjoy life enormously!
I tell Emily on a regular basis, that if I hadn’t read that article, I might never have found her, and that doesn’t bare thinking about!
Thank you for your patience, understanding, for your amazing hands, that are so skilled in massaging away all tension and worry, and in my case Emily for giving me back my confidence. I can never thank you enough!
— Denise (66 years young!)
We have been treated by Emily for regular maintenance massage for many years now and we both cannot recommend highly enough her professional and holistic approach. We always feel so much more relaxed and de-stressed after a treatment! Emily has great skill and ability when it comes to pinpointing and managing the problem areas we both have - we couldn’t do without our regular sessions!
— Lisa and Craig, February 2016
I can not recommend Emily enough. She is professional, reassuring and the problems I have had with tension in my back and neck have improved 100% since I have been going to see her. Thank you.
— Liz, January 2016
Our daughter Clare has Rett syndrome. In common with other young adults who are profoundly physically and multiply disabled, her muscles have become increasingly stiff as she has grown older. Twice weekly massage sessions with Emily are enormously beneficial for Clare, both physically and emotionally. The physical benefits are immediately evident; she stretches, relaxes and is so much more comfortable. Quite often she will fall asleep before the end of the session! Emotionally she benefits greatly from establishing a friendship outside her family and the group home where she lives. Massage has become an integral, pleasurable and vital part of Clare’s life.
— Yvonne Milne, Clare’s mother and President of Rett Syndrome Association UK.
I have been having a full body massage from Emily for 3 years now and I find it to be a great benefit to me. I have a physical job and suffer with a bad back and tired muscles and after a massage I always s feel a lot less stressed and find my joints work much better. Emily has a very relaxed style which always helps people to unwind.
— Linda McNeal.
I underwent a course of massage treatment in 2008 for shoulder problems and after a matter of weeks Emily had identified the causes of the problem, solved the immediate physical problems and suggested some effective means to avoid it recurring. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
— David Smaylen.
Emily has been coming to my daughter Jennie for just over two years. Jennie has had a major head injury and her behaviour can be very challenging. Emily’s wonderful massage can get Jennie’s tight muscles to soften and relax. Also her kind and gentle manner calms Jennie down and puts her in a good mood. We both look forward to Emily’s visits every week.
— Christine Charlton
Having spent a large amount of time suffering due to sporting injuries it was a great relief to find Emily. Not only did she remove tension in my neck and shoulders but also cured headaches. I then realised that the knock on effect of carrying injuries for a time is immense. The work Emily did not only took away pain, it relaxed muscles and the treatment is so relaxing and stress relieving.
— Sue Britten
I found myself three years ago at the age of 76 with a worrying condition called Hyperventilation, leading to all sorts of symptoms mental and physical. Emily Papirnik with her calming, thoughtful Reiki and massage in my own house helped. I am a different person today.
Emily is the most caring and ‘interested in you’ person. She has the most lovely hands and tender approach. Her wonderfully relaxing massages have certainly set me on the right road.
— LP
Being able to ‘shut down’ and relax has always been a challenge for me. Emily has an amazing ability to ensure I am able to relax during treatments; she also has great intuition which enables her to provide a sensitive approach to individuals’ needs and feelings.
— A client who needed relaxation
I want to thank you for looking after my mother for a year. The massages which you gave her every week contributed to keeping her weak and paralyzed muscles as toned as they could be. This was particularly noticeable in her neck. When you started she could scarcely move her head, after a few months she was able to turn her head and even lift it some way off the pillow.

Not only were you professionally excellent, my mother obviously enjoyed your visits, and you took care to make sure she was comfortable. You made sure she had sufficient water and a glass by her bed on your visits, and you chatted to her when she was awake. When we had to move my mother, weighing only 37.5 kilos to another nursing home, you made sure the new carers understood how she had to be positioned. You were unfailingly vigilant and not afraid to tell nursing staff about situations which you were not happy about. I knew I could rely on you as part of the support which my mother needed. There really was only me to check that she was being treated properly and under very difficult circumstances. You were happy to communicate with my daughter. In short, I really don’t know what we would have done without you.

I feel elderly, seriously disabled people are truly safe in your hands.

— Judy, Pershore