Eating acid or alkaline


Eating specific foods can make your body more acid or alkaline. It is important that your stomach is very acidic so that it can break down the food that you eat. However having too much acidity can make you body have to work harder to keep a pH balance. 

On the list of acid foods are chocolate, ice-cream, potatoes, white sugar, peanuts and beef…on the alkaline side…olive oil, lemons, watermelon, asparagus and almonds just to give you a taste. 

We are looking at having a more acidic lifestyle than ever before with the stresses of work/life balances and our diets that we feed on with so much processed foods for that ‘quick’ meal or snack to keep us going from job to job. Sugar metabolism creates acid. 

Try this Alkaline water first thing in the morning:

A full pitcher of filtered water

One organic lemon (cut up but not squeezed)

One tablespoon of pink Himalayan salt

Let the water sit overnight at room temperature

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