… a wonder

A bit of a wonder…I have been using Arnica as a mother for many years, it is a godsend. Twenty years ago I used to get it from a homeopath but now Arnica is in all the chemists and health food shops and many people have it in some form in their bathroom or kitchen. 

It is now used widely in hospital settings and encouraged by some surgeons both prior and following various procedures. Active chemicals in arnica may reduce swelling, decrease pain, and act as antibiotics. Generations of Swiss mountain guides chewed arnica leaves to prevent fatigue when climbing.  Its extracts have been used as a treatment for acne, boils, bruises, rashes and sprains. It has significant effects on animals too. 

I turned my ankle last week and it wasn’t until the following day I remembered to use the arnica. It is always on my suggestion list for clients, I even have it in one of my massage oils. I used both the pellets and oil as a combination and it is healing well.

Over ten years ago I had my wisdom teeth removed, I took arnica prior and post operation which impressed the surgeon and nursing staff as my face did not swell or bruise ‘like others’, however when I stopped taking the arnica my neck and face became an beautiful light shade of yellow!

It can be taken in pellet form or with an oil or cream for a topical treatment. Do NOT use topical Arnica on broken skin. It is well worth having Arnica 30c in the house for everyday use after a fall or bump.

Medical advice must be obtained for all serious, potentially serious and persisting problems – if in any doubt, get a medial opinion.