Keep Your Cool!

Photo by  Caju Gomes  on  Unsplash

Photo by Caju Gomes on Unsplash

Keep your cool!

Just a few tips to help keep your cool and enable you to enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it.

Have you noticed how many of the summer clothes are now made of synthetic material which makes can make you sweat so much more?  Choose cotton if you want to keep cooler, ‘cover up’, wearing more clothes can keep you cool and looser garments will allow air to circulate. Lightweight and light-coloured are the best idea as dark colours absorb the light and heat.  

As with clothing cotton should be what you want to choose for your sheets on summer nights. You can use a hot water bottle to help cool your bed by putting it in the freezer, very simple but effective.

Have a cold shower or put your feet in a bowl of cold water. Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the fridge, use when you need to cool down by spraying your face. 

Fill water bottles and put them in the freezer, ready when you need, as they will start to melt when you take them outside… cold water to go. 

Nowadays you can get every size of fan possible so you are bound to be able to find a suitable one for your space. 

On holiday I always feel cheated when the shutters or curtains are closed to help keep the inside cool, but this is a trick that works, closing windows too keeps out the hot air.

Freeze your fruit, instead of ice-lollies or ice creams put some watermelon, grapes or pineapple slices to grab later for a cooling snack. Eat smaller snacks rather than large meals which ask your body to work harder to digest.

Remember to keep as rehydrated as possible as you will be losing a lot of water sweating.