A New Year

Now is a time when we try to look forward in a positive way, for some that will be life style changes, I have certainly seen more bodies in the gym since 1st January, and for others it means changing behaviours that we may perceive as negative. 

Occasionally we can get overwhelmed by what is before us, when this happens it can be of benefit to get positive feelings from even the ‘little things’, let me tell you a few that have cheered me up and made me smile recently…

The snow drops coming up in the garden and parks. 
The bird song we can hear, very loudly at this time if we are listening.
Smelling a lovely cup of coffee or freshly baked bread. 
A smile from a passer-by or another driver letting you out at a junction into the queuing traffic.  
A free parking space becoming available just as you are driving up to it.
A cup of tea made for you first thing in the morning or when you get in from a busy day.
A wagging dog as you walk towards them.
A cat wanting to sit on your lap.
The blue sky following a heavy shower.
A buzzard majestically sitting on a telephone pole
Growing buds on the trees and hedges.
Someone with ponies on leading reigns saying thank you with a hand wave and a big smile because you drive by slowing and widely. 

Notice the little things they can really help with a positive outlook.