Refined Sugar


Lets take look at Refined sugar…

Have you noticed the more sugary food you eat the more you want to continue to eat, even if your stomach is at stretching point! Why do we go for the sugar? Is it because we are bored? Do we feel we ‘deserve’ it? Are we tired and feel that sugar will pick us up?

We are hard wired to crave the sugar. Back in the days when we were foraging for berries the sweetness kept us going until we had our next meal. The problem now is that the ‘sweet’ stuff we reach for, instead of being the natural berries of old it is the chocolate buttons, bread or an energy drink. All of those can be full of refined sugar that is clearly not a healthy choice for our bodies.

Added sugars are ‘empty’ calories offering no essential nutrients. What added sugars do offer is help in rotting your teeth, help in making you fatter and potentially unwell.

When we eat sugar and before it enters the bloodstream it is broken down into glucose and fructose. Glucose is important for our bodies and if we do not get it from our diet our body produces it, however Fructose is not produced by our bodies as we do not need it. The liver is the only organ that can metaloblise fructose in significant amounts. Our liver gets overloaded and starts turning the fructose into fat.

Eat some fresh fruit instead, it will help with the ‘hit’ of sugar you think your body needs but unlike the refined sugar it is unlikely to make you ‘need’ more and more like an addiction.