The Oxford Dictionary defines responsibility as :-

“A state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone, the state or fact of being accountable.”

I have angel cards from years ago and there is one for responsibility, the image is an angel holding the earth.

We need to start to take responsibility for our actions. I am not here to chastise anyone in an article, far from it. I don’t take responsibility for all the difficulties in the world even though some are of my own making. I am not the sort of person who is blameless in my lifestyle, I am as guilty as the next person. If something doesn’t inconvenience me directly I may be completely unaware of it or even worse think “I will get to that sometime”, or “become better at that when I have more time.”

However I am able to start everyday thinking of what I am doing, becoming more ‘mindful’ of my actions.

Plastic bags for instance, what a difference it has been since we have had to pay for them! I am more than happy to remember to take my own bag, and if I forget one then I am happy to stagger out of the shop almost dropping that lemon or apple but I will NOT pay for a bag! I used to use the free plastic bags more than once kidding myself that it vindicated me for having one. Why did it take the Government to make me take action?

Looking at the pavements…what makes a person spit out their chewing gum, there are public bins everywhere! Letting your dog foul an area and not cleaning it up, leaving your rubbish for someone else to pick up…why would you do that?

Why should there be the people to clean up our mess, if we started cleaning up our own mess, everyone of us what a difference there would be.

We now have the resources around us to make a difference, it doesn’t matter what others do if we all focus on what we do as individuals it will make a difference.